La Ronde: the ideal family outing

la-ronde-billet-admission-adulte-rabais-3552432-regularEach year, La Ronde is the emblematic summer family experience! And contrary to popular belief, no, this is not just a park « for adults. » La Ronde indeed offers many rides suitable for all ages (thirteen out of forty-one) and more than twenty others for, different age groups. In addition, there is at least one new attraction opening every season.

Therefore Tuango is pleased to renew its partnership with La Ronde to make you shiver of happiness, laughter and save. The park awaits you for new sensations!

Activities for all ages

La Ronde offers such a variety of rides, that one day will not be enough to try them all! So spoil yourself with more passes now because we guarantee you will want to go back there more than once this summer season!

Besides, why not enjoy this year to go in groups (family, friends or colleagues)? The ideal with a group is that you can set up sub-groups by age group and attraction’s intensities « thrill ». So everyone can enjoy the day at its fullest. From the little ones to the adrenaline junkies – everyone will be delighted!

NEW! Maison Rouge — Labyrinth of Terror

This season, the brave ones are invited to experience a new adventure that will give you goose bumps! Maison Rouge is a huge house haunted by extravagant clowns … Once inside, you will need to find the exit to escape this madhouse … Beware of hazardous encounters while walking through dark corridors!

Revive your childhood memories and / or offer your little ones the opportunity to forge their own because the best thing about memories is making them.

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