Happy birthday Tuango –5 years of success in 5 minutes!

Photo Party 8On June 19th, the Tuango team got dressed up in their best summer garb to celebrate 5 years of existence, of successes and of hard work! Since 5 years is kind of a big deal, we figured it was a good time to reflect on our most significant events, transactions and developments over the years.
Walk with us down memory lane!

2013: The Ernst & Young « Emerging Entrepeneur » prize

Photo Party 7Because we are super proud of our patron saints and founders Jérôme and Eduardo, and because the trophy holds a special place in our office, let’s remember 2013 has the year of their consecration as business owners and visionaries. We’re all so proud!

2014: A donation of $ 20,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation

Last December, as part of our Tuango Cares campaign , we gifted $ 20,000 to the Children’s Wish Foundation and thus helped realize the dream of two sick children:

  • Charles, a brave young man of 15 who fights cystic fibrosis and who dreamed of going to test his balance on the waves of Hawaii;
  • Mathilde, a courageous young girl of 12 who also fights cystic fibrosis, and dreamed of visiting Disney to also live the life of a princess.

Photo Party 3

2014 et 2015: The Cyclo Défi and the Loop at the Pierre-Lavoie challenge
Here at Tuango, we love to give of our time and give back to our community. Which is why we have been actively taking part, for two years straight, in the Cyclo-Défi and Pierre Lavoie Loop.

A wonderful opportunity to push our limits, challenge ourselves, partake in a great teambuilding activity and first and foremost, contribute to propel forward cancer research and hereditary disease research.

2014: Welcome to Zweet
What a joy for us to have welcomed Zweet team, into our family! This new application designed to replace traditional grocery coupons, is revolutionary because consumers no longer have to carry physical coupons to the store or sift through piles of clippings; they simply browse the app for the week’s promotions, buy the products that are on sale, take a picture of their receipt and send it in! No more hassle and a quick and easy way to get paid for doing your groceries!

We look forward to the year ahead. Many new challenges and exciting opportunities await! Stay tuned!

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