Round-up of summer activities

Mélanie, a Tuango employee, has been scouting activities for you!

When the sky is this blue and the weather this fine, you wish summer could last forever! But before you plan another road trip, why not consider enjoying more local attractions? Luckily, Tuango has some ideas to keep you buzzing this summer. We gave the charming Mélanie, a transplant from Strasbourg, France, who now works in our marketing department, the challenge of combining her family vacation with great deals from Tuango!

Day 1: AML Cruise in Montréal

See the city from a whole new perspective with a relaxing cruise on the St. Lawrence River! Looking to make it more romantic? Add dinner to your jaunt on the water – it’s worth the little extra. Psst! Keep your eyes peeled for the next great cruise offer from Tuango.

Day 2: Day trip to Quebec City


Let yourself be charmed by Quebec City, with its old architecture, cobblestone streets and gastronomy. Go for a stroll, visit the old city, take in sweeping landscapes and enjoy a drink on a terrasse. Quebec City has something for every taste and for every age. Amusez-vous!

Day 3: Excursion to Île d’Orléans


The road to the Île d’Orléans is simply magnificent, with long expanses of lush green on one side and the sparkling St. Lawrence on the other. But do you know about the hidden treasures of the Seigneurie de L’île d’Orléans? You’ll enjoy strolling through gardens of incomparable beauty, including 75,000 plants of lavender. A delight for the senses!

Day 4: Manicure/pedicure and karting in Montréal

Back in Montreal! But how to wrap up this beautiful family vacation? A little dose of adrenaline! While the boys headed out for some karting fun, the ladies opted for shopping and the full beauty treatment downtown. Oh, summer!

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