Old Montreal, Tuango-style!

Neighbourhood life: discover Old Montreal with the Tuango team

Old Montreal is packed with boutiques and attractions, making it one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Montreal. The Tuango team is going to take you through the history, gastronomy and nightlife of this neighbourhood by highlighting all our favourite spots.

Photo Party 3

St-Hélène: A street like no other

Fun fact: the Tuango offices are located on the only street in Montreal still illuminated by gas streetlamps! Burning day and night, these historical totems cast a glow over St-Hélène making our little street a fave shooting spot for filming historical movies.

Architecture of the past: Hotel Gault

Directly across the street from our offices is the superb Hotel Gault. Built in 1871, the architecture of the building is still intact. Originally a flourishing import-export business dealing in textiles, the restored building has won numerous architecture awards for its preservation efforts. Reminiscent of the great European buildings, it’s really a must-see! Get your cameras ready!

Holder, a restaurant for every occasion

With its $20 lunch special, its French bistro vibe and its delicate cuisine, Holder restaurant is a favourite choice for office celebrations – birthdays, farewell lunches, etc. You won’t be disappointed- and might even run into some members of the Tuango crew!

Summer picnic by the water

Summertime… and the livin’ is easy. It really is when you’re sprawled on the lawn, your fave sandwich in hand and the sun is casting its warm rays on you! Welcome to our lunchroom! How truly lucky are we to be able to escape by the water on our lunch break?

Happy hour at New City Gas

There’s nothing like a tasty cocktail at the end of a long workday and the terrace at New City Gas is our favourite destination for a summer happy hour. Housed in a heritage building, this bar is worth the detour if you’re looking for a relaxing 5 à 7 atmosphere.

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